Galleons Passage

Minister Imbert confirms Galleons Passage will arrive at end of next month

Finance Minister Colm Imbert has confirmed that the Galleons Passage will arrive in T&T at the end of next month.

The Minister told the Senate today that the vessel is currently docked in Yokohama, Japan, preparing for a cross-Pacific journey to Honolulu, Hawaii before journeying on to T&T.

Integrity Commission asked to investigate procurement process for Galleons Passage

The Integrity Commission is being asked to investigate the procurement process used by Nidco to purchase the Galleons Passage ferry.

Specifically, the body is being asked to take a deeper look at the irregularities surrounding the acquisition of the brand new vessel.

Galleon Passage sets sail to T&T

The finance minister says the new passenger ferry, the galleons passage has begun its journey from China to Port of Spain.

The minister today posted an image of the vessel on Twitter, the caption explained that the boat has left a shipyard in China, it will then go to hong kong, Honolulu, the Panama canal, Santiago and then to Port of Spain.

The minister also pointed out that the name of the vessel, the Galleons Passage can be seen on its stern.