Minister applauds CEPEP for prompt response

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Haji Kazim Hosein has applauded the efforts of the Community Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP), for their prompt response to citizens who have been severely affected following the adverse weather conditions and subsequent flooding.

Informant threatened

The informer who supplied former People’s Partnership minister Devant Maharaj with a voice recording which allegedly features a conversation between Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein and colleague La Brea MP Nicole Ollivierre, over the award of Community-Based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (Cepep) contracts, has gone into hiding after allegedly being threatened for leaking the clip.

Rifle found wrapped in CEPEP clothing

One rifle, hidden in a bushy area, is found by officers of the InterAgency Task Force Strike Team, during an anti-crime exercise in the Laventille district.

The exercise, spearheaded by Snr. Supt. (Ag.) Simbonath Rajkumar, took place between 2:30am and 6:00am on Tuesday 10th July, 2018.

Around 4:00am, officers proceeded to a bushy area at Straker Village, Picton Road, Laventille, where a search was conducted.

MY EYE: After CEPEP clean-up

This photo was sent to us by Bailah Gopie via the My Eye feature in the CNC3 App.

Gopie says; "This is when the recreation ground owners and the local council at Soledad Road Claxton Bay have no regards for the residents living across from the playground. They would clean around the ground and leave all the garbage that is left against the fence. All they need to do is trim the trees and clean up after there is an event and don't discriminate against people who speak up."

You too can share your concerns via the My Eye feature of the CNC3 App.